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The Women’s Development Centre’s (WDC) head office situated at no. 61 Mulgampola road, Kandy, is where a majority of programmes and trainings are held. The four programme sections, which are Community Development (CD), Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Crisis Intervention (CI), and Economic Empowerment (STHREE) along with the finance and administration sector, operate as a single entity towards achieving WDC’s overall vision, mission and goals.

The headquarters functions as a resource centre, which provides access to information on various issues relevant to the organisational focus areas, particularly looking into human rights, prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV), women empowerment, good governance and democracy and so on through an in-house reference library and on-line service, and links

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to women and local/international organizations working for women, children and persons with disabilities.

The Resource centre serves as a catalyst for effective communication between WDC, its beneficiaries, and partners. Based on the organizational theory of change approach of Knowledge, Action, and Influence, awareness programmes have been conducted through the resource centre on Child protection policy, Violence Against Women and children (VAW), Disability rights, Right to Information (RTI) act, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Disaster preparedness, constitutional reforms, attitude development, communication, gender etc. as well as practical sessions on home gardening, organic fertilizer production, food dehydration, shoe making, washing liquid, sanitizer and soap production, and upcycling. Audio-visual materials are also available (e.g.; presentations, clip charts, stickers, posters & hand bills) to be used in various awareness programmes to cater to different methods of acquiring knowledge and awareness. Much of the work carried out by the resource centre assists in the collection and analysis of gathered data in order to prepare programme progress reports.