Canadian Community Economic Development Network Conference April 4, 2009

Motivated by the issue Rooting Development in the Community, Uniterra volunteers from Guatemala, Botswana, Vietnam and Sri Lanka participated in the Annual National Conference of The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet), held in Vancouver this past March 15-18.

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network Community economic development and North-South dialogue.
Practitioners of community economic development (CED) from the countries of the global South have much to learn from their Canadian peers in CED—and vice versa. Interesting social economy initiatives are being implemented in the countries of the South, initiatives which may prove rich in lessons for Canadian CED practitioners and organizations.

Community economic development: an integrated approach to improving life in communities.
The results of CED speak for themselves: wealth and job creation, social and economic innovation, higher productivity and enhanced collective well-being. In practice, CED is about groups of persons joining forces to support small business start-ups, cooperatives or employment development centres. It means loans and setting up development funds to enable communities to invest in new projects. It also concerns offering family support services, encouraging the development of community organizing skills and occupational training.

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is a national non-profit non-governmental organization that was founded in 1999 to support CED and the social economy throughout Canada. CCEDNet now numbers over 3,000 members (organizations and practitioners). It’s a forum for assembling the knowledge and capacity for innovation developed by popular community groups and practitioners from urban, rural, native and northern communities across the country.

CCEDNet’s Annual National Conference has become a rallying point for peer-assisted learning, networking, skills development and the elaboration of a strategy articulated around the CED movement.

Part of Uniterra’s delegation at CCEDNET Annual Conference 2006 in Vancouver. From left to right, at the back: Guillermo Perez (Guatemala), Chérif Chako (Niger), Azmi Thassim (Sri Lanka), Morongoe N-Disele (Botswana), Sylvain Matte (CECI-Uniterra), Pearl Steven (Sri Lanka), Harshani Samarajeewa (Uniterra-Sri Lanka), Roch Harvey (CECI-Uniterra). Front row : Joanne Owens (EUMC-Uniterra), Shakila Wijewardane (Sri-Lanka), Victor Guidiel (Guatemala), Philippe Fragnier (CECI-Uniterra)
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