“WDC is just one drop of water in the ocean, but with its networks and links I believe that together we could fill an ocean” – Sashi Stephen (Director/CEO)

The Women’s Development Centre strives to minimize the number of women who are subjected to violence by empowering them through access to knowledge and greater economic independence. It strengthens women socially by improving their standard of living and thereby fortifying the family. WDC programs focus on women at the grassroots level, in areas of intervention, prevention and advocacy together with networking of women’s groups for community development and peace.




The founder of WDC, Ms. Pearl Stephen

“Women have so much potential. I think it’s like a hidden treasure but nobody has taken the trouble to take it out. And that’s what we are trying to do.”
(Mrs. Pearl Stephen, WDC Founder and Coordinator)

Ms Pearl Stephen had an unfailing passion to see more women empowered and succeeding. From her younger days, she had always been headstrong and confident in every way. Her school years helped bring out leadership skills, but the significant lack of equality  – in which opportunities were predominantly granted to males  – did not go unnoticed. Pearl wanted to change this and open avenues to allow women to live a dignified life within society. As a wife of a pastor, she tackled issues of gender disparity with the Women’s Guild of the Church. This was where the foundations for the Women’s Developement Centre (WDC) was laid. Thanks to Pearl Stephen WDC is since its inception in 1986 a well recognized NGO for the protection of women and children’s rights.







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    EMAIL: delvosl94@gmail.com
    Tel :+23288-815636/+23278-227511

    Dear madam/sir
    Shalom greeting to you in Jesus name.
    On behalf of the above organization, I hereby write your well-recognize office with reference to the above subject.
    DELVO-SL is a religious and non- profit making organization established by a young lady to transform the lives of ladies and to help identify their problems so that they too will be part of decision making process and become potential instruments in the society.
    For a couple of years, our ladies in our communities has been suffering greatly in the hand of ignorance and lack self confidence in the society and schools thinking that all is lost.
    Our vision is to see productive and potential ladies who will become useful in their society, offices, matrimonial homes and the country as a whole. The mission of DELVO-SL is to instill virtuous characteristics in young ladies, preparing them for career and adulthood and encouraging communities that push each young lady beyond what they can imagine.
    Therefore, DELVO-SL is established as a community feminist base organization to advocate and pioneer sustainable development and ease coordination with other feminist organizations to empower girls and young ladies through co-ordinations.
    Madam/ Sir, it is a pleasure as a feminist organization established in Kono district, Eastern Region, Sierra Leone, West Africa to inform you that we are highly engaging in community sensitization about the eminent of character building of young ladies for future purpose. For a collaborative spirit and also seeing the success of the organization, we kindly see the need to partners with your well established organization.
    We count on your kind and humble cooperation
    Yours faithfully,
    Elizabeth S. Yarjah
    Program coordinator

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